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   Controller Services  
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The Controller is the officer who manages and supervises the day-to-day financial affairs of the corporation.  Main responsibilities fall into the following categories:


Cash flow improvement

  • Streamline the cash collections process
  • Manage vendor payments
  • Improve inventory turnover
  • Generate cash flow projections

Management of accounting operations

  • Implement effective accounting processes of the company
  • Manage the accounting staff
  • Insure compliance with tax rules and regulations

Financial reporting and projections

  • Design meaningful operations reports
  • Help identify the measurable critical success factors for the company
  • Help managers understand and interpret financial reports
  • Assist with product pricing decisions
  • Prepare profitability analysis for products and divisions
  • Monitor the capital budget spending
  • Assist with the design of bonus and commission plans
  • Simplify financial reporting
  • Produce timely and reliable financial reports
  • Prepare special reports for investors and senior management
  • Insure compliance with accounting rules and regulations
  • Lead the company budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Prepare special projection models for complex financial transactions
  • Design and implement internal controls to safeguard company assets

Special projects

  • Accounting system selection and implementation
  • Audit preparation for companies with tight audit deadlines
  • Due diligence assistance

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